Novacoast's experienced people and industry-best processes, combined with Tanium’s advanced platform – delivers visibility and control of the attack surface that is being targeted by an evolving threat landscape.

Mitigating risk starts with improved hygiene.

Why do organizations still struggle defending themselves against malware?  In order to minimize your attack surface, you need to know where you are vulnerable and exposed. Leveraging good IT and Cybersecurity hygiene is essential to reducing your exposure. 

The Novacoast and Tanium partnership provides capabilities and expertise to reduce your exposure, improve your defenses, and ensure quick and decisive action is applied at the endpoint and across your IT estate.

For organizations in the state, local, and education government sectors, Novacoast has the RPO certification for assessment and remediation when dealing with CMMC. The partnership of Novacoast and Tanium offers SLED agencies a proactive focus around CMMC maturity so your department can capture federal grant money for enhancing your cybersecurity strategy. 

Complete visibility into your environment.

Experts in managed services, helping your team fight the battle and defend your assets.

Enhanced remediation and response for a higher time-to-value ratio.

What is your organization's plan to enhance network and endpoint security from ransomware attacks?

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